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Week 14: Wednesday at the Square

by StephanieMayne on Apr.25, 2011, under Weekly Topics

Wednesday at the Square

4:30pm – Press Announcement

5-7:30pm – Irvin Mayfield & the Jazz Playhouse Revue

7:30pm – Second-line to Irvin Mayfield’s Jazz Playhouse

8pm – Irvin Mayfield & the Jazz Playhouse Revue @IMJazzPlayhouse

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  • AlexR

    Yesterday, I attended Young leadership council’s Wednesday at the square. YLC Wednesday at the Square is a part of a free concert series extending from March to June 2011. The food and drink sales benefit the Young Leadership Council. Local artists sell their work there also. The guest for this week was none other but Mr. Mayfield himself and the Jazz Playhouse Revue. This may be hard for some to believe, but this was my first time hearing them perform in person. I thought Mr. Mayfield only played his instrument at shows, but to my surprise he threw in some singing as well as some shouting to his performance. The music was pretty good. It had a relaxing laid back type of vibe to it. I recognized them play the “wonderful world” song that Louis Armstrong used to play. Everyone on stage seemed to have some great skills by the way they played, especially in the solo parts. I wanted to stay for the second line but couldn’t due to work. I’m sure it would have provided a fun experienced. The crowd started off kind of thin in the beginning of the event. But as time passed the square started to get more and more crowded. People brought their own chairs. There were people dancing. People were out with their dogs. There were women dressed in Saints cheerleader outfits constantly walking the area. I guess providing women eye candy in saints paraphernalia was the Saints way of advertising. After all, the event was also presented by them. Good food was provided at a cost. It including: pizza, dirty rice, crawfish, nachos, Abita beer, etc. The only thing that was distracting to the event was the weather. The wind was blowing sand around like nobody’s business. Other than that, everything was good and was very enjoyable.

  • Pitre Sibyl

    This week, instead of our usual classroom interview, we were asked to attend the YLC’s free concert at Lafayette Square featuring our professor, Irvin Mayfield and The Jazz Playhouse Review. YLC has been sponsoring this event for the last 12 years. Each Wednesday, you can see local musical talent, enjoy fantastic food and drink and have the opportunity to purchase works of art from local artisans. Best of all…admission is FREE; all proceeds from vendor sales go to benefit the Youth Leadership Council. So, if you haven’t gone yet, GO! People are encouraged to bring lawn chairs and dogs are also welcome. It’s a great, relaxing way to spend your afternoon.
    To be perfectly honest, traditional jazz is not one of my favorite music genres, tho Latin jazz is the exception. And, yes, I have seen and thoroughly enjoyed Los Hombres Calientes, featuring Irvin Mayfield. Having never heard Mr. Mayfield preform with the Jazz Playhouse Review, I did not know what to expect. I am happy to report that I was pleasantly surprised. I was expecting a strictly instrumental performance; that was not the case. With yesterday’s weather, it was the calm within the storm. There were gusts of wind so strong, that the sand stung at it struck your legs; food, drink, and hats flew in the wind. So it was nice, in the midst of this dust storm, to be entertained by a group of very talented musicians. You couldn’t help but move, sway, or sing along with the music. It was nice to hear familiar songs I could sing along with. During the second set, some of Mr. Mayfield’s students were brought on stage to showcase their talent. What a treat that must have been for them to play to such a receptive audience. All in all, it was a great time!

  • CynthiaS

    Last week, Instead of our ordinary setting in the Discourse classroom, our class had an opportunity to attend the Young Leadership council at Lafayette Square featuring our professor, Irvin Mayfield, and the Jazz Playhouse Review. This program has been around for twelve years because it is so exciting and everybody loves it. Each Wednesday you can see local talent while enjoying a panorama of delicious food served by great cooks. As a chef, I really love to cook and eat well. I got a chance to taste some of my favorite New Orleans style dishes that I haven’t eaten in a long time. My friends and I went around tasting food from every vendor at the square. I met some of the most interesting people who encouraged me to explore different dishes that I have never tried. I certainly liked a lot of the new dishes that I tried, like Sushi. As I walked around the square, I had the opportunity to purchase works of art from local artisans. I was asked to participate in a survey which I found very interesting. I brought my lounge chair to sit down so that I could thoroughly relax while I was entertained. I never heard professor Mayfield perform before, so I did not know what to expect. I must say that I was pleasantly surprised to see how great of an entertainer and musician he really is. I was shocked to see his other side because I have only known him as my professor, not as an entertainer. He can definitely rock the house with his singing and shouting during his musical performances. He freely expressed himself as the people shouted from the audience. Jazz is often associated with the expression of freedom for this very reason, for the music was birthed to lift the soul and make it care free. I had a fantastic time!

  • CynthiaS

    Wow, I am sure that every student in our class that attended YLC’s free concert at Lafayette Square featuring our professor, Irvin Mayfield, had a blast. The people were great, the food was delicious, and the entertainment was excellent. As Professor Mayfield said, “There is no place like New Orleans where you could have this kind of fun.” This week, instead of our ordinary classroom setting, we were asked to attend the Young Leadership Council’s free concert at Lafayette Square. The weather held up well in the midst of the dust storm. The gusts of wind were so strong that sand blew everywhere. People’s hats blew off their heads, plates out of their hands as the wind pushed bodies in all directions. Despite all of this, people remained calm and ready to be entertained by the talented musicians on stage, especially, Irvin Mayfield. The music rocked people’s bodies and made them dance and sing. Even if you were sitting down it moved you to get out of your seat and dance. No one could resist the rocking rhythm and beat of the sound of Jazz. Jazz music can trace its roots back to Congo Square in New Orleans in 1835, when slaves would congregate there to play music and dance on Sundays. While more accurately described at that time as African music, the area and activity laid forth the ground work for the art form to come. Much of New Orleans music today owes its debt to the early marching bands, even those marching bands which predate the birth of jazz music and the Second Line. The band played a lot of my old time favorites which brought back many fond memories for me. I met a lot of my old friends and acquaintances there and we shared the fun experience together. We all were dancing, singing, and shouting together during the entire show. The best part of all was seeing professor, Irvin Mayfield, perform live on stage because I had never had the opportunity of witnessing him perform. He is an awesome musician and entertainer. I will never forget the wonderful time I had thanks to my Discourse class this semester.

  • AlexR

    Other classmates have expressed that Wednesday at the square was an enjoyable experience. It provided an opportunity to come together and enjoy the arts. Not to mention it gave students a reason not to show up to class. I for one have no complaints about the experience. It almost had a similar type of vibe similar to that of the Jazz Fest. The difference is that this was on a much smaller scale and with only one music group performing. In fact, the Jazz Fest kicks off a couple of days after this performance. I can’t wait to go and check out the jazz fest which is another event that is easily accessible to resident of New Orleans. I wonder if Irvin Mayfield will be playing there also. I had never been to Lafayette Square before this event. The stage that Irvin Mayfield and the Jazz playhouse Revue were playing on was right off of saints Charles Avenue. Apparently I wasn’t the only person who hadn’t heard Mr. Mayfield perform before. Like me, others were also pleased with the performance. Next on my to do list is to go to his jazz playhouse. The people who attended seemed to be having an enjoyable time. Some of the dogs did too. I saw one dog drinking some beer out the cup of his unaware owner. These are the type of events that makes living in New Orleans a pleasurable experience. It is something that can bring the community together for the sake of a noble

  • NickD

    Irvin Mayfield and the Jazz Playhouse Review. I thought it was a pretty cool show. I have never heard a jazz band live before and the fact that the leader was my professor made the experience more inviting. It was nice and windy outside so I was in heaven. No heat to sweat in, unlike last April, towards the end it of it started to feel like June. I guess some of the other bloggers didn’t like the weather too much, but they all seemed to have enjoyed the performance.
    It wasn’t your typical Jazz band, or what I expected to hear anyway. Usually Jazz is instruments, brass, strings, and the ever so subtle brushes on the snare and ride cymbal that create a smooth atmosphere. Irvin seems to bring a slightly modern approach to Jazz with some vocals and a diverse show. From the sound of the trumpet to the students he brought up, the music was wonderful throughout. The crowd was mellow at first; I think more taking in the music and savoring the experience. Then they started to move a bit as the afternoon carried on and looked to be having fun.
    After witnessing the show, my plan is to go the playhouse at the Sonesta and do my final paper on that. I have seen picture of the inside and it always seems to be pretty filled up with people. Good music, good atmosphere, and a great performance should give me a solid platform to write about.
    Wednesday was a nice toss up with regards to how the class is scheduled. I truly enjoyed my afternoon and would gladly do it again.

  • JimmyS

    The Wednesday at the square is a part of free concert series extending from March to June leadership council’s Wednesday at the square. YLC Wednesday at the Square is a part of a free concert series extending from March to June 2011. He did not play his instrument but also sing. It was a quite remarkable performance. The song wonderful word of Louis Armstrong was played. The crowd started to get more and more crowded. It was kind of a remarkable performance and I really enjoyed it. IT was hell of a show. Jazz is my favorite gender of music and I enjoyed a lot seeing the performances. I sat for a while and just stayed enjoying the music and the weather which was good for me. The crowd was little at first, but more people keep coming. A truly great afternoon

  • AdamS

    Wednesdays in Lafayette Square just started up March 30th and continue until June 15th. They are open to the public and feature various local vendors from restaurants and arts and crafts. The concert series are held by the Young Leadership Council who are responsible for many projects throughout the city. Some of the food vendors include Gordon Biersch, Broussard’s, Café Adelaide, Theo’s Neighborhood Pizza, Lucy’s Retired Surfer’s Bar.

    The music portion features a new New Orleans artist each week. So far the stage has been graced with the presence of The Radiators, Trombone Shorty, and Anders Osbourne. This Wednesday featured Irvin Mayfield and the Jazz Playhouse Revue. The slightly clouded forecast and wind almost ensured a rainy cancellation. To everyone’s surprise though, the rain didn’t come and the show went on. 

    The jazz was amazing and everyone was getting down despite the weather. The Saints cheerleaders went on stage and everyone was pumped for the Hornets in the playoffs. Everyone seemed to be enjoying the food and local beer. Many people brought chairs and got to enjoy sitting and listening to the music. 

    The Wednesdays in the Square definitely bring the locals out and are totally free. The turnouts have been amazing so far and will only get better with this great weather. It’s a great place to be when everyone gets off of work at 5 pm, and they are kicking it in their work outfits.

  • JessicaD

    Last week our class was asked to attend YLC’s Wednesday at the Square. This great concert series begins in the spring and continues through mid-Summer. I’ve been to a few Wednesdays at the Square before, and it’s always been a really great experience. First of all, it’s a completely free event that can help to add a little variety to the middle of the week. A lot of events like this in the city seem to be tourist driven and, even if they are also free events, take place on the weekends so that visitors can attend. However, I feel confident in saying that Wednesdays at the Square are mostly populated with locals, which always creates a really great dynamic. The food and drinks available at the event are some of the best from around the city. Also, many local artists and artisans set up shop around the square and you have the opportunity to buy really beautiful paintings, jewelry, dinnerware, and other crafts made by fellow New Orleanians. I have seen Professor Mayfield perform before, and this time was certainly just as impressive as the last. I had not seen this particular configuration of the Playhouse Revue, but, as always, I was blown away with the amount of talent that resides in this city. I loved that Professor Mayfield brought a few of his students on stage to play with him. It’s really important to encourage my generation’s musicians to keep playing and people like Professor Mayfield help them to get a foot in the door in music scene so flooded with talent. Overall, it was a really good evening, and certainly a nice change from the classroom routine. Maybe I’ll even see some of my classmates at subsequent Wednesdays at the Square this summer.

  • JessicaD

    Free concerts, like that offered by YLC’s Wednesday at the Square, are really exceptional events. As I travel around to other cities, I’m realizing how inexpensive live music is in South Louisiana. Last week alone, I saw Irvin Mayfield and the Jazz Playhouse Revue, and many bands from my hometown of Lafayette and even more from countries all around the world at Lafayette’s incredible Festival Internationale, without spending a single penny on a cover charge. And even one group I did pay to see after the event on Wednesday only cost me $5, and the performance was one of the most captivating I’ve seen in awhile. I think we take for granted that South Louisiana has such a rich tradition of musical talent and appreciation, and that we are able to participate in that tradition without having to clean out our checking accounts. It also makes me appreciate the great musicians that stay in New Orleans, because even with all the recognition and respect they receive, it is really hard to make a living in a city that provides so much inexpensive music. I am especially aware of this since my cousin moved here. Even though he plays almost a gig a night (sometimes more), making ends meet is not always guaranteed. But I’m sure all of us agree that New Orleans needs and wouldn’t be the same without our talented ranks of musicians. So don’t always overlook those tip jars on the stage or scowl when you hear a cover is $10—at least you know the music you’ll hear is some of the best in the world.

  • JimmyS

    Free concert by the YLC is very important to the individuals and it something to be achieved for. It is a very remarkable experience. After seeing this event, I feel I need to listen more about jazz. Although I have to admit I do not like crowded places since it disturbs me, it was a nice event to attend. South Louisiana has a rich musical tradition that varies from all kinds of genres. It is admirable to say that New Orleans has a rich culture compared to other American cities. The weather was a bit rough but it was a nice experience to be there.

  • JohnW

    The concert at Lafayette Square, featuring Irvin Mayfield and the Jazz Playhouse Revue, was very entertaining, and there was a huge crowd in attendance. I have not been to the Wednesday at the Square festivities before and I was amazed at how well it is put together. There was countless vendors selling local favorites such as snowballs and jambalaya, as well as other fair-type foods. Of course, there was plenty of beer, and I wish I could have had a few myself so as to really get into the spirit of the music, but I had to go to work right after, so I stayed away from the alcohol. The only negative comments I have about that evening was the windy conditions that turned the area into a giant dust-bowl, yet, most of the participants did not seem to be affected by it because they were having such a great time. One of the more memorable moments was when Mr. Mayfield proclaimed that you can’t find the music and musicians of New Orleans anywhere else in the country by calling out such cities as Dallas and Los Angeles, and then specifically called out Kobe Bryant. Too bad the Hornets did not beat the Lakers, but we will get them next year. There was also a performance by some of Mr. Mayfield’s students which I thought was exceptional. I am not a musician, but I can image being on that stage as being very exhilarating. My favorite part of the night was when Sasha Masakowski came on stage and sang with Mr. Mayfield. I was not aware of who she was, but after hearing her perform, I just can’t get enough of her. She sang with such passion and talent, I am surprised that she is not more popular than she is. Maybe she will be one day, and I can say that I witnessed her sing at an event that I would never have attended if it was not for Irvin Mayfield’s class. I am glad I went to the concert and look forward to going in the future.

  • JustinF

    For the last several years, I’ve worked at a bar in the CBD that is a hot spot for those who attend the concerts at Lafayette Square. The free concert is always a huge success. While it has a series in the Fall, when the weather is drastically better, it is the spring series that seems to bring out enormous amounts of people. However, while some found the bizarre windiness that day to be pleasant, others found the flying sand to be a nuisance. As AlexR noted, the experience is very similar to Jazz Fest, just much cheaper in that it’s free and is on a smaller scale. I’m sure that the students of our Humanities class found it incredibly hard to believe that this was class, considering that it is outside, the environment of these concerts is always phenomenal, and the professor just so happens to be a famous musician on stage performing. That is without a doubt, one of the many perks of this particular class, as students are exposed to so much, including many great aspects of the city of New Orleans. In the Wednesday at the Square concert, students were able to be exposed to our city’s very own creation – Jazz music. I’m sure all students found it enjoyable, as did everyone else that attended. A co-worker of mine who also works at the bar near the Square told me how packed the bar got that night. Clearly, Mayfield attracted a large crowd and certainly did not disappoint.

  • JustinF

    The Wednesday concert at Lafayette Square was a very different environment for students. It provided the class with a chance to get out and enjoy some great live music. While we have been spoiled with a wide array of guests for our interviews, the concert provided an opportunity for students to experience a different atmosphere. The Masters Class from several weeks ago was phenomenal, as we were treated with great live music and it was incredibly interesting to hear Professor Mayfield and fellow musicians discuss several aspects of Jazz with some political and philosophical discussion thrown in. However, this time, students were given the opportunity to see Professor Mayfield doing his thing. He performed with the Jazz Playhouse Revue. The professor is obviously a great interview conductor but I wasn’t aware of his abilities as an emcee, as CynthiaS explained, not only did he play instruments but he also sang and shouted to hype the crowd. Also, like JessicaD, I think the fact that Professor Mayfield brought some of his students on stage to play with him is awesome, giving them performance experience, as well as an opportunity to show off their talents. I can’t think of another class that gives students the opportunity to attend such events. I tell friends of mine at UNO about this class and they become incredibly jealous. Students clearly seemed to have enjoyed the show, as CynthiaS made it pretty clear when she exclaimed, “I had a fantastic time!”

  • NickD

    So it would appear that not too many people were able to make it Wednesday. For the ones that were able to go, I think that they all enjoyed themselves. No one, except me, was too keen on the weather. The change in class schedule and relaxing atmosphere made for an excellent opportunity for us to experience something new.
    How many classes allow you to go and listen to music, have some beer, and get a grade for it? Back to the responses, the one aspect of Irvin’s performance that people really connected with was when he brought the students on stage to play. Both the crowd and our class were very surprised at it. Once the music started it was uphill from there. It got a good bit of attention, I noticed, from people in the crowd who seemed to not be paying too much attention before. I think it made people stop and take a look at what these young people had to offer. I even saw one man give a nod to a friend of his with regards to the performance.
    I feel that this was a good spin to add to the class. It was great to get out of the routine and see a piece of New Orleans culture. Good music, food, and a great time is what New Orleans is all about!

  • JohnW

    Wednesdays at the Square was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone in attendance. The music, food, and atmosphere captured the spirit of New Orleans; and that is what sets the city apart from the rest of the country. There were many different local establishments providing everything from food and drinks, to arts and crafts. Of course there was plenty of beer to be had also, and I wish I could have had a few myself. Most of the blogs mentioned the fact that it was their first time witnessing Irvin Mayfield perform. Some were pleasantly surprised to hear him singing and not just playing music. The best part of the concert was that it was free, according to one person, and I agree. With all of the money hungry people in the world, it is a bit difficult to find such great shows that do not cost a thing. Of course, the food and drinks were not free, but no one is obligated to purchase them. I was unaware that some of the proceeds go to charity and there is nothing wrong with that. Other blogs explained how much the people enjoyed themselves. Some of the patrons brought along their dogs, while others had the insight to bring a chair. One of the bloggers implied that jazz is all about freedom of expression, and Mr. Mayfield and his band expressed that sentiment through his performance. It was a great experience, as well as a nice break from the usual classroom setting. I believe everyone that made the trip to Lafayette Square will make a return visit to witness other great performances and have good time.

  • RussellL

    I went to go see Dr. Mayfield perform with his band, the New Orleans Jazz Orchestra, at Wednesday At The Square in Lafayette Square. This was neither my first time seeing Dr. Mayfield perform nor my first attendance at Wednesday at the Square; however, it was far from just another day at the Square on a Wednesday in the spring. Unfortunately, I do not listen much Jazz at home or in my car; but I do very much enjoy seeing it live in person. I was excited to attend this show because it killed two birds with one stone. I had a legitimate excuse to request off of work, so I can attend a Jazz concert.
    Like always, the New Orleans Jazz Orchestra gave a solid performance. Every time I see them in concert, I’m reminded of the power of Jazz. Up until now, I was relatively ignorant of Jazz music. I simply did not realize the entire structure of the music because I am so accustomed to listening to and analyzing rock music. Luckily, my friend James has been working as the stage manager and frequently running their soundboard at the NOJA Playhouse. He discussed with me, in detail, of how much effort is put into playing Jazz. He described the genre as being the roots for the many different types of music popular today. So, when I arrived at the Square for the show, I actually had an idea as to what to focus on. He filled me in on why Irvin Mayfield is as good as he is, but that was one thing that I did know. Even before this class, I had a lot of respect for Dr. Mayfield because of his work in the community; but actually having a clue on what he is doing musically raised my admiration for him. Another thing my friend told me to really focus on was how good the other members NOJA are. A backing band is often overlook, especially when the front man is so talented. However, once I started to pay attention to everyone else on stage, the talent was not too hard to overlook. It’s obvious Dr. Mayfield knows exactly what he wants for his music through his choice of musicians he surrounds himself with. The performance at Wednesday at the Square really shined a new light on my appreciation for Jazz.

  • RussellL

    Judging by everyone’s comments about the perforce at Wednesday at the Square, it seems like everyone agreed that the laid back atmosphere created the perfect environment to really enjoy the NOJO concert. This was a perfect opportunity for the students in our class to fully capture the essence of Jazz. I know attending a lot of other NOJA shows can be a little intimidating because of the formal crowd they generally attract. However, the atmosphere created at this particular show really allowed for us students to hear Jazz the way it should be heard—in a relaxed environment. The music felt genuine. It was inspiring. It was so captivating; it definitely left grabbed the attention of everyone who attended.
    For those who could not make it for whatever reason, you should definitely make a great effort to attend the next performance like this. If there is one thing I’ve learned from this particular show, it’s the fact that every type of music has something to offer. Whether you buy into it or not, the worst that can happen is you did not care too much for the show. At every show, every one should try to assess what is happening on the stage. At almost every show, the front man is the most vital part of the performance, so he or she is going to be extremely good like Irvin Mayfield, for example. But what makes a great show into an awesome show is the backing band; the musicians that do not get the credit they deserve. Nevertheless, Dr. Mayfield is known for being a key member in the Jazz community because he is not only a person who is always studying and evolving his work; he is a musician who understands exactly what it takes to put on a good show, a key trait that exists in all great musicians.

  • AdamS

    It seemed like everyone made it out to Wednesday in the Square and definitely enjoyed it. The music was well liked and many heard Irvin Mayfield for the first time. Many also were surprised by his singing and not just his horn playing.

    Many people also liked the idea that you bring a lawn chair and lounge for the music. People seemed to also like that they could have different local well known cuisine all inside the park. Some of the biggest name restaurants had a booth. It was nice to see that all of the proceeds go to the Youth Leadership Council.

    Although the wind was pretty bad, the sun was out and people were enjoying the jams. Most people in class had never been, so they enjoyed the mini festival very much. Its very convenient for those getting off work in the CBD.

    Overall everyone had very good things to say about Wednesday in the Square. I am sure many will be returning for the weeks to come. You cannot beat great food, great weather, and great music. This was definitely a fun time.

  • MariaC

    I really enjoyed Wednesday at the square. It wasn’t too hot, it was sunny, and it gave me a break from being in class all day. I also enjoyed that I was doing something for school but got to involve my boyfriend and his son. As for my boyfriend and I, we are big people watchers and there were certainly some interesting people that came out. My boyfriend’s son however seemed a little disinterested, but he is after all only nine. I have never been to Wednesday at the square before but found that it was a very fun event and would definitely go again. Not only did they have drink vendors set up, and the area was nice, but it was also free! To me anywhere that you can enjoy being outside, hang out with friends, have drinks, and listen to free music is almost always going to be a great time.

  • HeidiO

    I was very excited, not because we did not have a formal class, but because I finally got a chance to see Irvin perform. After going to the master’s class presentation, I was really interested in seeing some New Orleans culture. Unfortunately, I did not get to stay for long, due to another concert I had to attend at House of Blues for my internship, but the time I did spend at the event was well worth it. I got there just in time, and I was a little confused at what I saw. His band consisted of kids younger than me. The youngest, and the most impressive to me, was the ten year old trumpet player. Another aspect of the show that impressed me was when Sasha Masakowski showed the crowd what she can do vocally. She was absolutely amazing! I cannot express how impressed I was with Irvin’s playing and singing, it made me sad I could not experience more, but not being able to get the full experience, it then led me to go check out Irvin at Jazz Fest with Los Hombres Calientes and Bill Summers. This performance fixed my wanting to witness Irvin up close. With the urges to dance and allowing the music to take me away, this was a pretty perfect performance, despite the sound guy not getting the microphone volumes right. It was not for me being up close, I would not get to witness exactly how talented Irvin is, of course it is evident by just one listen, but watching him took the experience to a whole different level. The most impressive thing was watching him play while using circular breathing! All in all, the Wednesday at the Square opened my eyes more to the city’s culture and music.

  • MariaC

    It seemed that most of my classmates enjoyed Wednesday at the Square and encourage others to go if they have not gone. I fully agree with them. It was my first time attending this event but it definitely will not be the last time I make the effort to go out there. Now that school is over and I will be graduating I hope to be able to attend more events in the community and support local artist and events. I am glad that everyone seemed to have a good time and enjoy the local food vendors and drink stands. I do agree with my classmates that the worst part of the experience was probably the wind blowing sand in my face. I also wore a dress and it was obviously not a good day for that because the wind was constantly making an attempt to blow my dress over my head.

  • TheodoreR

    I couldn’t make it to this event, but judging from the comments of other students, it was more than likely to be fantastic. I haven’t been to a New Orleans festival, and I’m not proud of it. I just never had the money or time. I miss Jazzfest, Voodoo fest, and French Quarter fest every year and I’m ashamed a little. I’m also ashamed that I couldn’t make it to this FREE concert to see Irvin play. I’m really starting to get into his music and what a shame if I have plenty of opportunities to see him live and never come. Well, life goes on. I could always purchase “Book One” or “Love Letter to New Orleans” if I’d like. I could only imagine what this concert was like, being able to see Irvin and the Orchestra perform and viewing art on the the corner nearby. I also believe the food was probably amazing if they had any.

  • RyanF

    Wednesday at the Square was very enjoyable. I had never been although I have heard about it for years. It was particularly special because Professor Mayfield performed with the Jazz Playhouse Review. Good food was easily had and enjoying the free music fit my budget. It also gave me the opportunity to see what is available in New Orleans at no cost. Therefore, there is no excuse not to go and enjoy and appreciate our culture when it is offered at no cost. I like all types of music, except country, and enjoyed the idea that I knew the guy up there performing. I think it is very respectful that Mayfield honors this city by actions and not just words. A jazz concert in Lafayette Square was a cool alternative to being inside a classroom.

  • ElizabethP

    This week’s class was Wednesday at the Square. It was lively and enteretaining, and provided a few added bonuses for me. I love the fest type environment, and usually find something unique at the various vendors there, and this time actually found a beautiful angel necklace for my stepmom’s birthday which was coming up. (One less errand to run).

    I really enjoyed hearing the young performers, who seemed so excited to share the stage with Irvin! And then I got another great bonus when Sasha Masakowski joined the stage. Sasha is amazing, and I always enjoy listening to her. It was especially nice to see her that day, because I was still mad that she didn’t win either of the two Big Easy Awards she was up for the night before! I think that, like Irvin, Sasha is one of this city’s jewels, and has an amazing future ahead of her. I like to see her in venues like this, so more people can experience the magic of her voice!

    Overall, dispite the wind, the evening was great. I followed the second line for a few minutes, but had previous plans so I didn’t get to go to the Playhouse and enjoy the after show, but heard it was great.

  • SaxonB

    All I want to say about the Wednesday in the Square is, thank you Irvin Mayfield, and I appreciate you and what you’ve offered me as a student in your class. Because of this class I’ve been able to attend two of your concerts, and both for free (the other was the House of Blues concert that i volunteered for, and it was great). I think your music is phenomenal. The way I see it if you won a Grammy with this music than I can say that I’ve been privelaged enough to see two Grammy Award winning shows live. Thats the only two Grammy Award winning shows I can say I’ve ever seen live and who knows for the rest of my life those two shows may very possibly be the only Grammy Award winning shows ill ever see, so again thank you for extending yourself to our class and thank you for those oppurtunities.

  • ElizabethP

    Everyone seemed to really enjoy the change of venue. The lively fest-like environment seemed to be popular among all bloggers.

    Everyone seemed to find the music amazing, and the fact that there were so many young people performing was also a hit.

    A lot of students commented on really enjoying hearing Irvin play for the first time, and I agree totally with them. Though I’ve heard him play many times, it’s always great!

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